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14 nuevas inscripciones en el Registro Memoria del Mundo de la UNESCO

Han sido confirmadas las 14 nuevas inscripciones en el Registro Internacional Memoria del Mundo de la UNESCO referentes al Patrimonio Documental Iberoamericano con documentos o archivos de Argentina, Brasil, Costa Rica, España, El Salvador, Guatemala México y Portugal.

Inscripciones de documentos Iberoamericanos:

  • 2016-28 Portugal, Peoples Republic of China ‘Official Records of Macao During the Qing Dynasty (1693-1886)’
  • 2016-31 Spain ‘Archives of Santiago RAMON Y CAJAL and the SPANISH NEUROHISTOLOGICAL SCHOOL’
  • 2016-32 Spain ‘The General Archive of Simancas: A document repository and an essential instrument of the Modern State for the government of the territories of the Spanish Monarchy’
  • 2016-33 Portugal ‘Register Books of visas granted by Portuguese Consul in Bordeaux, Aristides Sousa Mendes (1939-1940)’
  • 2016-39 Brazil ‘Nise da Silveira Personal Archive’
  • 2016-42 Costa Rica ‘Abolition of the Army in Costa Rica’
  • 2016-58 Brazil ‘Collection Educator Paulo Freire’
  • 2016-60 Costa Rica ‘Central American Court of Justice’
  • 2016-62 Mexico ‘The archives of negatives, publications and documents of Manuel Álvarez Bravo’
  • 2016-66 Spain, Portugal ‘The Codex Calixtinus of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral and other medieval copies of the Liber Sancti Jacobi: The Iberian origins of the Jacobian tradition in Europe’
  • 2016-73 Brazil, Italy ‘Antonio Carlos Gomes’
  • 2016-93 El Salvador ‘Ignacio Ellacuría’s Documentary Fond: Historical Reality and Liberation’
  • 2016-111 Argentina, United States of America ‘The Villa Ocampo Documentation Center’
  • 2016-116 Guatemala ‘The Florid Recollection, a historical speech and natural, material, military and political account of the Reyno of Guatemala’

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